Difference between p and q inventory Systems

It may be challenging to order the appropriate quantity of items for your company to fulfill client demands. Because ordering too much or too little inventory might lose your money

Types of Inventory in Business – Examples included

In this post, we are discussing inventory. Let’s begin. Inventory or stock is a term that refers to the goods and materials that a business holds for a goal of

Guide to Surplus Deadstock and Why Sell it?

Surplus Dead Stock and inventory is a term that refers to the context of buying, selling, and managing products. When a company sells more than they need, they have surplus

Tips to Sell your Electrical Deadstock and Inventory

Surplus stock or dead stock is the term that describes goods that are not sold because there is a lack of demand for them. This is usually due to the

How to Raise Cash with Your Dead Stock

Dead stock is the term that describes products that are still in the market but no longer selling. They are often labeled as “overstock” or “leftovers”.  It is a term

Tip to Sell your Overstock Inventory Fast and Hassle-Free

Overstock inventory is a term that describes surplus inventory that is owned by a company but not sold. This inventory takes place in warehouses or stores, and it may be

How to Sell Excess Inventory & Make Money

Surplus Stock is the term used to describe materials that are no longer needed by a company. They can be sold, donated, recycled, or destroyed depending on the company and

How To Sell Dead Stock

Overstock inventory is a term that refers to the excess of products that are not selling in a retail store. Many retailers have surplus inventory, which goes out for clearance

What is Dead Stock? Why is it BAD?

Dead stock is inventory you hold that you can’t sell. You could end up with Dead Stock for various reasons including surplus ordering, manufacturing a little too much, which you

Causes of Dead Stock and How to Avoid it

Poor Inventory Management Practices are the number one cause of dead stock piling up on your shelves however, it is important to note that any business can find themselves with