Dead Stock

Difference between p and q inventory Systems

It may be challenging to order the appropriate quantity of items for your company to fulfill client demands. Because ordering too much or too little inventory might lose your money

Types of Inventory in Business – Examples included

In this post, we are discussing inventory. Let’s begin. Inventory or stock is a term that refers to the goods and materials that a business holds for a goal of

Causes of Dead Stock and How to Avoid it

Poor Inventory Management Practices are the number one cause of dead stock piling up on your shelves however, it is important to note that any business can find themselves with

5 Tips to Effectively Manage Dead Stock

Having dead stock at hand is so common enough a problem that many businesses suffer from it from time to time. Fortunately, there are means to minimize such occurrences thereby

The Right Way to Recycle Electronics

We keep our electronic assets, from our workstations and cell phones to our cherished domestic devices like our coolers and clothes washers. When these electric machines become obsolete or arrive

How to Liquidate Overstock Inventory for Debts

Liquidation, by and large, alludes to the method of auctioning off an organization’s stock, normally at a major markdown, to produce cash. Much of the time, a liquidation deal is

How To Deal & Avoid Excess Inventory In Your Business

In the stock management world, overstocking goes by one or two names: abundance, overabundance, and overstock inventory. No matter the phrasing you utilize, overloading alludes to an organization over-requesting stock

3 Ways to Treat Goods Waste

Dead stock is the stock that is unsellable and is generally reused by a business or sold as scrap. A business could end up with dead stock since it mentioned

A Guide To Selling and Buying Scrap In Dubai

What is Scrap? Scrap is recyclable material offered to a dealer underneath its unique price tag.  Scrap is the abundance of unusable material left over after an item has been