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Mostly pictures and stock list so we can work around that. Rest assured that all correspondence is completely confidential.

We export everything we purchase with complete privacy. We understand the importance of a brand and can assure you of completely confidentiality in our dealings.

We are very interested in purchasing any electronics or electrical equipment, tools, measuring devices, oil & gas, lights, cables, sanitary products, fire security, and metal scrap.

We usually do not purchase vehicles, heavy machinery and furniture.

Our prices will always be low, mostly between 5 to 30% of your purchase price, since we're buying dead stock, stock that is usually costing money to store.

Dead Stock causing trouble?

We are UAE-based company with branches in Germany and Pakistan, and an experience of over 15 years. We export your dead stock to Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Sudan and Somalia etc. 

We purchase stock that is completely dead for the company or is available in surplus, and are able to purchase large quantities. 

Can you trust us?

We by non-moving, dead stock from companies in the GCC and export it to developing countries around the globe.


  • 100% privacy for the company or the brand
  • Swift action and instant payments.

500+ Happy Clients

We take pride in a 100% customer satisfaction ratio.


63 Team Experts

These experts make sure that your experience with us is as smooth as possible.

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