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Whether it is liquidating stock, industrial recycling or battling the case of overstock inventory. We are the dead stock buyers that you need!

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Leading Dead Stock Buyer in Dubai, UAE

We buy dead stocks and are based out of Dubai, UAE, with offices in Germany and Pakistan. We are largest dead stock buyer in the UAE with a vast experience of 15 years. We buy stock that is not selling and costing you money, and export it to countries around the world including Pakistan, Iraq, Yemen, Sudan, Somalia etc.

We purchase from you at 5-30% of your purchase cost. For instance, if the original cost of your product is $100, we are willing to pay you anywhere in between $5-30, solely depending upon the condition of your inventory. 

We buy stock that is completely dead for the company.

We are capable of buying stock in large quantities.

We also purchase surplus stock.

A Green Company

By choosing to partner with us, you are consciously becoming a part of saving the environment!

Whether it is industrial recycling or electrical recycling, we take pride in being a green company by taking initiatives that help conserve the environment. We take it upon ourselves to ensure that the valuable material waste is reused for a beneficial purpose. 

We are, without-a-doubt, the best deadstock buyers in the industry, taking care of all your inventory needs! Our business of being non-moving and dead stock buyers started in the 1990s when we took off as scrap dealers in the industry. 

Our company started in Dubai, and after being the best scrap dealers in Dubai for decades, we are now at the top of the industry, being one of the most expanded dead stock buyers in the industry. Today our business has evolved over to buying electrical, metal, and surplus inventory as well.

Who Are We and What We Do

We buy non-moving/dead stock from companies in the GCC and export to developing countries across the globe all the while promising 100% privacy for company’s image and brand name.

Turn your unsalable materials into good money.

Non-Preferred Stock

As with any other company, there are certain items that we do not purchase including, but not limited to, the following:

We purchase stock at 5% to 30% the cost. If you own stock that you can afford to let go at a maximum of 30%, please get in touch.

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What We Do?

We have served our valuable clients with above-par services for the past three decades. We ensure top-notch services and hassle-free procedures that have made us the best scrap buyers in Dubai. Helping you get rid of your moving and non-moving items inventory while maintaining the confidentiality of your brand name and reputation is our top most priority. Our aim is to maximize your profits by clearing out your obsolete and unwanted or overstock inventory.

Not only are we merely dead stock buyers but we can also prove beneficial in giving you excellent advisory consultations. Feel free to reach our customer care experts for any queries that you may have regarding your overstock inventory. We realize how important your time is, so we have professional experts who solve your challenging issues at a lightning-fast speed. Call us now for a progressive business approach.

Liquidating Stock

What makes us the first choice of merchandise liquidators around the globe is our readiness to help you get back on your feet by selling off your dead stock. The only way you can turn around from an underperforming business to a profitable one is by liquidating stock. We have managed to stay at the top of our game by fulfilling the needs of our global clientele and enabling them to focus on what’s at hand.

A comprehensive guide for our inventory liquidators includes:

  • Identifying discontinued or overstock inventory
  • Strategy for liquidating stocks
  • Determining returns and damages

We purchase at 5-30% of your purchase cost.

We understand that there are other areas in this bar chart that you’d prefer selling your inventory. But sitting inventory is costing you more money than eventually selling it off. 

Get in touch immediately if you are willing to sell between 5% to 30% of your purchase cost.

Top 3 Reasons to Sell Dead Stock

Dead stock results in lost money. If you’re not selling, you’re not making money. With dead stock, your investment is lost.

Expenses associated with holding inventory are massive and can include storage space, labor and insurance. Put that cash to good use.

If your storage is full of dead stock, where will you keep your newer inventory? Will you rent new storage? 


Why Choose Us?

Even though selling unwanted stock to a big box store is always an option, there is a high chance that you will end up losing huge money. On the contrary, selecting a reputable scrap buyer like us allows you to achieve a higher recovery rate. It is also a good way to ensure that your brand credibility and reputation remain intact. Rest assured, we have the experience, ability, and resources to help you dissolve your unwanted inventory in a reliable and profitable manner. Our highly professional personnel and well-established business network carry out the entire process seamlessly. What’s more, is that we have a handy solution for all our prospective clients. Whether you have retail-ready items or non-moving items inventory with missing components. We are the one-stop-shop for all your liquidating stock obstacles. You can trust us on relieving you from a one-pack item to an entire merchandise warehouse optimally. We buy stock that is completely dead for the company. We are capable of buying stock in large quantities. We also purchase surplus stock.


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